Profound thought • Dogged determination

Innovator and Incubator of Advanced Energy & Efficiency Technologies

Uprise Energy is the evolution of two prior companies that pushed the boundaries of Marine and Wind technology for over 40 years. Armed with a proven track record of success and game changing technologies for the Wind and Portable Power industries, Uprise Energy was formed in 2010. 


Uprise Energy has developed an innovative 50kW mobile wind turbine dubbed the Portable Power Center (PPC) and a 100kW semi-portable turbine, known as the HAWT 100. Both machines fit in a standard shipping container, feature numerous innovations to improve power output (emphasis on low wind speeds) and drive a synchronous generator allowing for on or off-grid use without power factor issues. At the core of the machines, is the Uprise Energy Conversion System (ECS)  which enables the unique wind turbine features and will be offered independently of the Uprise wind turbines.


Uprise Energy is available to Consult, Engineer and Develop in the fields of Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, Conventional Energy and Marine Systems/Technologies.

Profound thought and dogged determination is the ethos at Uprise Energy. In other words, we're up for a challenge and are competent in finding difficult solutions. To discuss your project, please contact us here.


There is no debate, wind energy is proven and has its place in the energy solution equation worldwide. Small wind has its place, but is not powerful, efficient, or affordable. Utility scale power is encumbered with politics and economics. Everything in between, mid-size, defined as 10-500kW, is our niche. This niche is largely untapped. A portable machine in this niche does not exist, until now. The mid-size portable wind machine niche is incredibly exciting.


John Knight, Uprise Energy Principal and lead Engineer, has a diverse background allowing for a unique approach in the progression of renewable energy science. He is a licensed Marine Engineer and US Naval Officer, having graduated from the California Maritime Academy with a degree in Marine Engineering. In his professional career, he founded Knight & Carver Yachtcenter where he served as the lead Engineer, Architect and CEO for the world renowned company boasting 120 custom yachts and thousands of vessels serviced to their credit. Under his direction, Knight & Carver built the Navy Stealth vessel “Stiletto”, which remains the largest carbon fibre structure in the world. He founded the multi-faceted Knight & Carver Wind Group, whose most notable achievement is the design and development of the STAR Blade, which was ultimately awarded a Top 10-achievement award from the Department of Energy.

In the Uprise Energy venture, John has partnered with a handful of industry experts to compliment his skills.