The Mobile Power Station Can Generate Positive Revenue from its Various Applications or Simply Create Value from its Low Cost Per Kilowatt Hour 

There are 10’s of millions mid-size Diesel Generators delivering antiquated power around the world that could be replaced by the clean energy producing, Mobile Power Station, for economic and environmental benefit.


The Ue.MPS will produce power at a cost of approx $0.20 per kWhr in a 10mph wind, which is less than utility or solar power

  • When commercially selling by-products of the Ue.MPS (hydrogen, oxygen, water, fertilizer, and/or carbon) the machine profitably produces revenue well in excess of costs
  • Due to the high cost of diesel fuel, a diesel generator will cost more than $1.00 per kWhr
  • When providing humanitarian benefits, the cost per person per year is a small fraction of the welfare costs
  • In a net metering application, the Ue.MPS can reduce utility charges up to 100% 


  • Off-Grid Industries: 1000’s of applications in Mining, Forestry, Oil & Gas
  • Island Nations: over 25,000 inhabited islands
  • Net Metering: reduce electric bill & carbon footprint at millions of Resorts, Ranch- es, Factories, Hospitals and Schools.

Government & Humanitarian

  • Heating
  • Run farm equipment
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Fuel cells


  • Forward Operating Bases: reliance on fossil fuels is a primary constraint and the single biggest cause of injury and death in battle
  • Energy Initiatives: all branches have aggressive E.I.’s to meet
  • Emergency & Backup Power: FEMA/DHS
  • Community Power
  • One Ue.MPS can support a village of 120 people with:
    • One quart of safe drinking water per person per day
    • Electric Power Packs for families
    • Electricity in a mini grid for villages & light industries • Hydrogen fuel to cook,
    • Estimated cost per villager would be $55.00/person/ year over 20 years