AWEA WindPower Conference & Exhibition 2018


Uprise Energy was pleased to attend the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) 2018 in Chicago, IL. Exhibitor attendance was expansive, ranging from the U.S. Department of Energy, wildlife conservation, manufacturing, and lubricants, to composite technologies, data acquisition, blade maintenance, and an extensive provoking collegiate wind energy competition. There were 50 countries represented, 450 exhibiting & meeting room companies, 7,600 attendees with 10+ years in the wind energy, and 37% of the attendants were decision makers. A theme resonating throughout the conference was that wind energy is not only a viable cost effective renewable energy resource, it is an emerging career generating industry. We will see college graduates with degrees in wind energy, an evolving and entirely new supply chain, and individuals choosing lifelong careers in the field of wind energy.

Large commercial utility wind farms require years to deploy, rely on an expansive transmission electrical power distribution grids, require large volumes of lubricants, and demand extensive maintenance crews. This infrastructure is not economically feasible in much of the world and electrical power hungry markets.  

Consider an alternative approach via the green and portable Uprise Energy Mobile Power Station (MPS). It is capable of providing thousands of micro-power grids right at the point of demand.  Uprise was extremely pleased to be seen as an industry innovator in distributed wind power generation.  We are positively disrupting how electrical power is delivered to customers at the edge of and off the power grid. No other exhibiting company offered portable wind power nor the delivered energy generation efficiency that the Uprise MPS will bring to the wind power industry.  We will provide “Power in an Hour®” (1/17,000th the time required by alternative wind generation systems), blade maintenance will be executed at ground level, the system shall be free of liquid lubrication, and if the wind varies seasonally, just move it to the new optimum wind location.

We’ll see your kilowatt and raise you 10.

Uprise Energy
“Dancing with the Wind®”