Uprise Energy Was A Featured Presenter at the Imperial Valley Energy Summit

Uprise Energy Cofounder, Jonathan Knight, was invited to present the company’s portable wind turbine at the annual Imperial Valley Energy Summit (IVES) held April 24th, 2019 at the Imperial Valley College in Southern California. Uprise’s presentation followed Jonathan Weisgall of Berkshire Hathaway’s opening remarks and was a part of the Southern California Regional Energy Innovation Network’s (SCREIN) breakout session.

Uprise Cofounder, Jonathan Knight, presenting at Imperial Valley College as a part of the IVES

Uprise Cofounder, Jonathan Knight, presenting at Imperial Valley College as a part of the IVES

The Imperial Valley is one of the most productive farming regions in California with an annual crop production of over $1 billion. Agriculture is the largest industry in the Imperial Valley and accounts for 48% of all employment. The valley is also rich with natural resources such as sun and wind, making it a hot-bed for renewable energy.

As a San Diego, CA based manufacturing company, the Imperial Valley is arguably the best local market for our distributed wind energy system. Whether it’s a temporary power need, a permanent power requirement in an off-grid location or a desire to lower power costs along with reducing carbon footprint through net-metering, the region will benefit by using Uprise Energy Mobile Power Stations in many applications.

While in the area, the Uprise team visited the SDSU Imperial Valley test site at the recommendation of program director, John McMillan. Utilizing this facility has been on the company radar for a while, so it was valuable to put eyes on the location for future planning purposes.

We’d like to thank the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corp, Cleantech San Diego, SCREIN and everyone else involved with the planning and execution of the IVES for the opportunity and we look forward to further engagement with the community.

Driving back to San Diego from the Imperial Valley, the sight of the utility-scale wind turbines is one to behold.