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Cofounder / CEO Jonathan Knight Radio Interview

Cofounder / CEO Jonathan Knight Radio Interview

Our Cofounder and CEO, Jonathan Knight, was on the Beyond Zero Emissions radio show in Melbourne, Australia talking about Uprise Energy and the Mobile Power Station. Here is an in-studio video of the interview that covered a lot of ground and is a great way to learn more about the company background and the portable wind turbine we're bringing to market.

Design Methodology and Technical Attributes of the Uprise Energy 50 kW Portable Power Center

Design Methodology and Technical Attributes of the  Uprise Energy 50 kW Portable Power Center

A study of constraints in the wind industry was conducted to guide the development process of the Uprise machine.  The list is long, but here are the ones that effect energy capture.

Need For A Portable Wind Turbine

Electrical energy provides great benefits to those who are connected to a grid. For the billions who are not connected to a grid, the solution is local or portable power generators. Virtually millions of small communities, remote and isolated, need small or medium generators. Fuel powered generators are high in cost per kWhr, fuel supply is risky and unreliable. The solution is generating electricity renewably, where it is needed. 

Why The Uprise Energy Portable Wind Turbine Is Needed

here are many niches that could be served with an off-grid, portable, renewable power generator. This discussion will focus on those that do not have reliable power as a result of not being served by an electrical grid.

Project Summary: Methods to Improve Wind Gust Energy Capture

The energy of a wind gust is typically 8 times that of the steady wind flow. A modern wind turbine has constraints preventing it from capturing the increased energy in a wind gust.  A modern wind turbine, on average, captures 25% of the available kinetic energy from wind flow. 

Methods To Improve Wind Turbine Performance

Renewable energy is imperative.  While no renewable source is the answer for all of our energy needs, wind energy has its attributes.  Unlike the sun, wind is everywhere all the time.  Wind power has become reasonably cost effective compared to other renewable forms.  However, wind is not as cost effective as it should be.

Problem In The Wind Industry and The Uprise Solution

The problems encountered in generating electricity from the wind and delivering the electricity to a user are numerous.  This post will address the essential element of this industry, converting the kinetic energy in wind into electricity.