Life saving to some, financially attractive to others, environmentally responsible for all.

The Mobile Power Station is a 10kW portable wind turbine that delivers low cost, clean-energy, when and where you need it.

The wind turbine fits in a 20’ shipping container, is towable by an ordinary vehicle and sets up in one hour without the need for site improvements or lengthy wind studies. The machine is designed to be especially efficient in low wind speeds, which allows it to be conveniently located near customers, particularly in areas that have historically relied on diesel generators for power.


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The Mobile Power Station will generate power for below utility power rates, unlocking many applications in commercial, residential, government, military and humanitarian markets.

Beyond low-cost power, the machine will be invaluable for disaster relief efforts and other mobile operations that are constrained by the limitations of the power grid and/or availability of fuel.

What Sets Uprise Apart

The most advanced wind turbine that also happens to be portable


More Power

Smart technologies coupled with high efficiency yields unmatched power density and exceptional low wind speed performance.


Less Cost

Generates electricity for less expense than diesel generators, solar power and U.S. domestic utility rates.



Renewable energy in a truly portable package enables independence from the power grid, unlocking untold applications.

What exactly is it?

  • 10kW Portable Wind Turbine

  • Ships in 20' Shipping Container or two in a 40' ISO Container

  • Towable by Standard Vehicle

  • Sets Up In 1 Hour by 1 Person

  • Capable of Powering up to 15 average US Homes, Villages, Factories, Farms, Military Installations and Off-Grid Commercial Operations

  • The most technologically advanced wind turbine that also happens to be portable

Why it's extraordinary:

  • Operates Independent of the Power Grid

  • Optimized for Low Wind Speed Conditions that are typically found where people Live & Work

  • Makes Power for Considerably Less Expense than the Competition

  • Setup Does Not Require Site Improvements, Heavy Equipment or a Specialized Workforce

  • Various Forms of Energy Storage

  • Clean Energy Alternative to Diesel Powered Generators


About Uprise Energy

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Uprise Energy is the evolution of two prior companies that pushed the boundaries of energy efficiency for over 40 years. Armed with a proven track record of success and award winning technologies for the Renewable Energy and Maritime industries, Uprise Energy was formed by the father/son duo of John and Jonathan Knight to leverage these accomplishments in ways that would make the world a better place.

The exciting capabilities of the Mobile Power Station are the result of decades of experience, vigorous research, creative exploration and impassioned development by a highly capable team of engineers, technologists and visionaries.

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