Portability differentiates the Mobile Power Station from all other renewable energy offerings.

Portability features eliminate several barriers such as permitting, long-term fossil fuel contracts, and other prohibitive legislation that prevent industries & countries from installing cost-effective wind turbines; portability also eliminates costly requirements such as: site improvements & foundation construction, wind assessments, high maintenance costs, grid transmission losses, transportation and ground logistics 

Standardized Shipping

Entire machine fits in a 20’ shipping container or 2-up in a 40’ container for standardized global distribution

Convenient Delivery

Towable on or off-road by standard vehicle or tractor

Easy Setup

Sets up in 2 hours by 2 men without site improvements or specialty equipment


Upon arrival at your operational destination, these features aid in the setup procedure

  • Custom multi-level anti-twist trailer with storage for all systems and structure
  • Permanent dual axle suspension with electric brakes
  • 3 inboard electric jacks to establish level plane
  • 6 indexed pinned outrigger extensions
  • 6 Custom multi height/position leveling jacks with pads
  • Custom multi-purpose trolley: 1) to connect tow vehicle to trailer, 2) to support mast head unit during transportation, 3) carry 600# mast-head unit and upper mast horizontally for addition of lower mast section and attachment of rigging
  • 2-Piece 8” aluminum mast with custom mast collars for connection and rigging 
  • Custom hub enables proprietary blade attachment that streamlines installation and ensures perfect alignment


The following features enable the mast and turbine to be assembled and maintained at horizontal ground level, and with the press of a single button, raise the entire assembly to its vertical and operational position, fully safe and tensioned.

  • 6 equally spaced radial anchor points on outriggers
  • 6 upper guy wires, 6 intermediate guy wires
  • 2 hoisting cables on synchronized dual gin pole
  • Synchronized two into one lifting cable and winch
  • Adjustable equalizing toggle plate to work in conjunction with fail-safe spring to tune load on upper/intermediate guy wires to maintain constant and equal tension at all times on all 12 guy wires
  • Proprietary spring leverage system to apply controlled and equal load on rigging
  • 10:1 minimum safety factor on rigging
  • Self-aligning sheaves
  • Upper and lower limit switches