5 blades, horizontal axis, upwind

Rated power
10kW @ 11.2 m/s (26mph) AC or DC Voltage & Hz per customer requirement

Low Wind Speed Performance (projected)
1.65kW @ 4.5 m/s (10mph)

Stand Alone (off-grid) or Grid Feed (utility scale (Net Metering) or mini-grid)

Rotor speed
Up to 159 RPM (variable), maintains optimum Tip-Speed-Ratio

Blade design
Optimized for size and low wind speed performance

Yaw Control
Active Yaw Motor

Overall weight
3175 kg (7,000 lbs) approx.

Rotor diameter
6.6 m (21.6 ft)

Swept area
36.3 m2

Blade length
3.4 m (11’ 2”)

Blade material
Advanced Composite Carbon Fibre Blend

Blade weight
4 kg (9 lbs) each

Total tip height
18.3 m (60 ft)

Trailer size
2.4m (8 ft) X 6.1 m (20 ft)

Trailer features
Alloy Construction, Dual Axle, On or Off Highway, Command/ Control Station, Battery Storage, Component Shipping Lockers 

Leveling / Stabilization
6 outriggers 32’ diameter, 6 Up- per & 6 Lower auto tensioning, load sharing guy wires 

Power regulation
Proprietary “Dancing With the Wind” programming / energy storage 

Permanent magnet, AC variable frequency, low cogging design 

Vibration, Load, Tilt & Weather monitoring, Disc Brake

All service at ground level. Monthly service/inspection suggested (2-4hrs/service).

On-board data collection, Optional Telemetry 

Control System
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with proprietary programming 

Instrument Panel
Full wind and power output instrumentation, Graphical User Interface (GUI), systems controls 

User Interface
Optional Wireless or connected network software interface for remote monitoring and control 

Turbine & controls 5 years parts and labor 

Up to 2 units fit in a single ISO Shipping Container 

On or off-highway, towable by standard truck or tractor 

Mobilize / Demobilize
On-board batteries, 12V DC Winch and tool-kit.