Life saving to some, financially attractive to others, environmentally responsible for all.

The Mobile Power Station is a 10kW portable wind turbine that delivers cost effective, clean-energy, where you need it.

The intelligent design breaks the chains of the power grid, unlocking a broad range of applications across a variety of markets.

Appropriate for on or off-grid electrification, the Mobile Power Station reflects the research and innovation critical to making new, cleaner, low-carbon, efficient energy sources that are commercially attractive.

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The result is a disruptive innovation that will create a new market and value network with enormous potential.

The Uprise Energy – Mobile Power Station is a breakthrough renewable energy delivery system that marries numerous proven technologies, features, and new innovations in an artful blend.

These exciting capabilities are the result of decades of experience, vigorous research, creative exploration and impassioned development by a highly capable team of engineers, technologists and visionaries.