What exactly is it?

  • 10kW Portable Wind Turbine

  • Ships in 20' Shipping Container or two in a 40' ISO Container

  • Towable by Standard Vehicle

  • Sets Up In 1 Hour by 1 Person

  • Capable of Powering up to 15 average US Homes, Villages, Factories, Farms, Military Installations and Off-Grid Commercial Operations

  • The most technologically advanced wind turbine that also happens to be portable

Why it's extraordinary:

  • Operates Independent of the Power Grid

  • Optimized for Low Wind Speed Conditions that are typically found where people Live & Work

  • Makes Power for Considerably Less Expense than the Competition

  • Setup Does Not Require Site Improvements, Heavy Equipment or a Specialized Workforce

  • Various Forms of Energy Storage

  • Clean Energy Alternative to Diesel Powered Generators