Need For A Portable Wind Turbine

Electrical energy provides great benefits to those who are connected to a grid. For the billions who are not connected to a grid, the solution is local or portable power generators.

Virtually millions of small communities, remote and isolated, need small or medium generators.  

Fuel powered generators are high in cost per kWhr, fuel supply is risky and unreliable.

The solution is generating electricity renewably, where it is needed. 

The Uprise Energy Portable Wind Turbine serves a very important niche.

The Uprise Energy Portable Wind Turbine serves a very important niche.

While wind turbine technology is proven, small wind turbines are inefficient and unaffordable, and while utility scale wind turbines are affordable on a cost per kwhr, they require large capital commitments and are not suitable for mid-size communities.

The solution is an efficient and affordable mid-size wind turbine that is conveniently delivered, set-up, operated, and maintained.

Introducing the UPRISE Energy Portable Power Center (PPC), an innovative 50kW wind energy electrical generator that is:

  • Mid-size, makes meaningful power in light and medium wind speeds
  • Portable, ships in a standard container, travels on any road
  • Efficient throughout a broad wind speed range
  • Affordable, lower in cost per kWhr than utility, solar, diesel
  • Set-up by 1 technician in 1 day, no site improvements, no cranes required
  • Automatic / Autonomous operation with telemetry
  • Maintenance performed at ground level
  • Stand alone, connect to grid, operate in multiple units, net meter
  • Store energy
  • Infinite ratio fluid drive system
  • Sweep and twist blade technology

The Uprise Energy Portable Wind Turbine is truly like none other and stands to serve a very large and important niche.