How To Improve Wind Turbine Performance In Low Wind Speeds

In response to the question, “how to generate more power under low wind speed conditions”, here are some basic points to keep in focus.

This is a good question, which is far reaching and includes a discussion of how to produce and sell electrons at an economically viable price.  

Making economically viable energy from low wind speeds is difficult due to the cube root rule.  Low wind speed has exponentially less energy, which makes it all the more important to maximize energy capture efficiency, and reduce parasitic losses.  

To improve low wind speed energy capture, blades must be designed for the chosen speed.  Blade shape, angle of attack, tip-speed-ratios and disc area ratio chosen for 30 mph winds, will not be suitable in 12 mph winds. At best, due to the Betz Law, 59% of the kinetic energy can be captured by the blades, but in actuality, the energy capture is typically 40% or less.

Parasitic losses typically reduce energy captured by the blades by 30%, with further losses occurring in transmission.  

Of the total kinetic energy in the wind, the consumer may receive only 20%, and often even less.

There are many features that can improve energy capture efficiency in a low wind speed, if designed to do so, and there are many features that can be implemented to reduce parasitic losses.

The results will increase overall net delivery to the consumer, from 20% to a likely 40%.

Uprise Energy has incorporated these features in the 10kW Mobile Power Station.