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Startupbootcamp Energy Australia Demo Day

Startupbootcamp Energy Australia Demo Day

The official Startupbootcamp Energy Australia Demo Day after-movie is here!

Demo Day was the crescendo of our 3-month Accelerator, where the 10 Energy Startups accepted into the program grew our respective businesses under the guidance of a deep pool of excellent mentors, corporate partners and through high-level industry connections made by SBC in the Australian market and beyond.

Methods To Improve Wind Turbine Performance

Renewable energy is imperative.  While no renewable source is the answer for all of our energy needs, wind energy has its attributes.  Unlike the sun, wind is everywhere all the time.  Wind power has become reasonably cost effective compared to other renewable forms.  However, wind is not as cost effective as it should be.

Problem In The Wind Industry and The Uprise Solution

The problems encountered in generating electricity from the wind and delivering the electricity to a user are numerous.  This post will address the essential element of this industry, converting the kinetic energy in wind into electricity.