Powur Up Podcast with Jim Bunch and Uprise CEO Jonathan Knight

Really excited to share this podcast I did with Jim Bunch as a part of the Powur Up series that features Impactpreneurs. It was a pleasure sharing the background that lead to Uprise Energy and what drives me on a daily basis. Enjoy!

Join Jim Bunch as he interviews Jonathan Knight, CEO and cofounder of Uprise Energy.

Did you know that 40% of the world doesn’t have access to power?

One of the main reasons is that many parts of the world don’t have a modern energy grid to distribute power.

But all that could change...

This is the true story of a father and son duo who use ingenuity and strategic problem solving to go beyond traditional thinking as they create a whole new approach to renewable wind.

This is American ingenuity at its finest and we hope this inspires you to think creatively and focus on making an impact on our planet.
— Powur Up Show Notes
Jonathan and Jim in Jim’s Cardiff, California studio.

Jonathan and Jim in Jim’s Cardiff, California studio.